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nallo 2Nallo

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The Nallo 2 is the ideal all-around, all-season, exceptionally lightweight tent.

The Nallo 2’s salient characteristic may be its light weight, but it is still fully able to handle all season, all weather adventures. This explains why this tent is the first choice of those needing the lightest weight tent that still offers all-season, all weather functionality. This includes wilderness photographers, professional climbers, hunters, and other adventurers who have to carry large amounts of gear, as well as long distance hikers, who want to get more out of carrying less. Solo hikers who use the Nallo 2 love having expansive room without any real weight penalty.

Other Nallo models

Nallo 3 – three person version.

Nallo 4 – four person version.

Nallo 2 GT – two person version with extended vestibule.

Nallo 3 GT – three person version with extended vestibule.

Nallo 4 GT – four person version with extended vestibule.

“Nallo” is a peak in the Swedish mountain range of Kebnekaise.

Nallo and Nallo GT Details Click image to enlarge


A note on colors: Fabric dyes have natural variations, so the actual tent color may look slightly different from what is pictured here or in our catalog.

Keron 3 Keron 4 Keron 3 GT Keron 4 GT Kaitum 2 Kaitum 3 Kaitum 2 GT Kaitum 3 GT Nallo 2 Nallo 3 Nallo 4 Nallo 2 GT Nallo 3 GT Nallo 4 GT Nammatj 2 Nammatj 3 Nammatj 2 GT Nammatj 3 GT


Minimum Weight
Packed Weight

Inner Height

Inner Tent Area

Vestibule Area

Outer tent fabric

Poles (9 mm)


Nallo 2

2.0 kg/4 lbs 7 oz
2.4 kg/5 lbs 5 oz

100 cm/40 in

2.8 m2/30.1 ft2

1.3 m2
14 ft2

Kerlon 1200

1 x 305, 1 x 260 cm
1 x 120.1, 1 x 102.4 in

16 V-Pegs

Every Hilleberg tent comes with outer tent, inner tent, guy lines with line runners, poles, pegs, stuff bags for tent, poles and pegs, spare pole section, repair sleeve and instructions.

“Minimum Weight” refers to the outer and inner tents and the poles only. “Packed Weight” includes all items that come with the tent

All product features and measurement values, including tent weight and pole length, may vary somewhat from what is shown in our catalog, other printed items and on our website. Such differences can occur because of alterations in the design and production process and/or natural variations in the materials.

Nallo Floorplan