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An uncommonly simple, lightweight and highly versatile group tent.

The yurt-inspired Altai is a tremendously versatile choice for anyone needing a large yet lightweight group tent in any season. Its center-plus-sidewall-support structure provides full standing height in the middle and full sitting height along the side walls, and it can be set up with either its own dedicated poles, with skis or a paddle (or similarly sized object) for the center and with trekking poles for the sides, or by suspending center and sidewall pole points. It sleeps 6 or more, and it can readily seat 12 or more around its interior perimeter.

For greater comfort, the Altai Basic can be paired with the detachable floor (which comes in two pieces, and can be configured to have a center “aisle,” or to cover only half, or to cover the entire area or both), or with the optional floorless inner tent, or with both. And in warmer weather, the two side panels next to the entrance can be partially rolled up for extra venting.

For guides, wilderness course leaders, search & rescue teams, and the like, the Altai makes both an excellent stand-alone shelter for first aid, dining, briefing or classroom sessions, and/or a large dedicated sleeping area. For paddle and bike tourers, it offers plenty of room to sort or fix gear out of the elements. Ski tourers, too, find the Altai a natural choice, as foot wells and sleeping platforms can be dug into the snow, and snow flaps keep the walls firmly in place. At the same time, the Altai’s simplicity and large space to very low weight ratio make it an excellent choice for Scouts or any group – even a couple – who will find the Altai convenient, comfortable and palatial on any trip in any season!

Two versions are available: the lighter weight Altai UL Basic is made from Kerlon 1200 – the same lightweight fabric found in our all-season Red Label tents – and is ideal for those needing the lightest weight package. The Altai XP Basic, meanwhile, uses Kerlon 2000, an exceptionally strong, heavy duty fabric, and is a better choice for more demanding use. Both share the same large gauge zippers and sturdy fittings, and both come complete with side poles and an extendible Tarp Pole for the center point.

“Altai” takes its name from the mountain range in central Asia, where Russia, China, Mongolia, and Kazakhstan meet, and where the yurt design originated centuries ago.

Altai Details Click on image to enlarge.

Altai UL Basic

Altai XP Basic

Altai Floor

Altai Floorless
Inner Tent



Weight — Altai UL Basic

Weight — Altai XP Basic

Weight — Components
Optional inner tent
Optional floor



Outer tent fabric Altai UL

Outer tent fabric Altai XP

Tarp Pole (19.5 mm)
Side Pole (13 mm)



4.3 kg/9 lbs 8 oz

5.1 kg/11 lbs 4 oz/p>

1.3 kg/2 lbs 14 oz
1.0 kg/2 lbs 3 oz

200 cm/79 in

9.9 m2/107 ft2

Kerlon 1200

Kerlon 2000

186 — 214 cm/73.2 — 84.3 in
135 cm/53 in

16 Y-Pegs

All product features and measurement values, including tent weight and pole length, may vary somewhat from what is shown in our catalog, other printed items and on our website. Such differences can occur because of alterations in the design and production process and/or natural variations in the materials.

Altai Floorplan